Welcome! This year the Anthony Bean Community Theater and Acting School celebrates15 years of excellence in the performing arts.

The Anthony Bean Community Theater (ABCT) was established in Spring 2000 to meet the growing demands of New Orleans area residents seeking a quality, culturally diverse, performing arts venue. The theater also met the needs of individuals seeking to learn the art of acting, set design and theatre management. In recent years, ABCT has become a vehicle to enter New Orleans' booming "Hollywood South" film industry.

ABCT is unique in that it is not only a major theater production company, but a year-round, open enrollment acting school serving both adults and children with an eclectic group of courses designed to meet the basic needs of individuals seeking careers in stage and screen acting, set design and theatre management.  

ABCT believes that the arts have the power to transform people's lives. Our Mission is simple: "to inspire those we serve through the magic of the arts."  The Hallmark of ABCT and that which separates us from "all the rest" is - diversity.  ABCT proudly presents the most diverse theater schedule in the New Orleans area.  Our programing fare includes, the classics; Shakespeare, August Wilson and Tennessee Williams as well as popular drama (Reflections and Misery), comedy (Jar the Floor, Steal Away), and musicals (The Color Purple, Simply Irma and The Phyllis Hyman Story). Most importantly, ABCT mounts original plays such as I'd Rather Be Rich and Say Amen, and showcases our talented kids in perennial favorites: Cats, The Wiz, High School Musical and 504.  

The goal of the ABCT Acting School is to provide an intense, high quality learning and performing opportunity in an atmosphere where young people are encouraged to set goals, take risks and view mistakes as an avenue for learning. ABCT opens students up to the greatness that lies within them and creates an awareness that the Arts are a constructive vehicle of personal expression.

Anthony Bean Community Theater boasts a full professional portfolio including video DVD Productions and an ABCT clothing line. In addition to children and adult acting classes, ABCT offers a youth theater, an after-school program, and the Anthony Bean Community Theater City Choir.  During the summer months, working in conjunction with the New Orleans Recreation Department Commission - ABCT also operates a summer day camp.

We at ABCT wish to express our sincere gratitude for your ongoing support over the past 15 years and we urge you to purchase your PASS for the upcoming season. Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to seeing you at our next production.

Come and celebrate our Anniversary and you will agree.



Anthony Bean

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was proud to present on

2008-09-19 00:00:00.0

By August Wilson and Directed by Anthony Bean

New Orleans, LA. September 6, 2008…The Anthony Bean Community Theater presents the Louisiana Premiere of the great American playwright’s tenth and final work, 'Radio Golf'. It is sad and ironic that August Wilson died only days before his final play, Radio Golf, received its world premiere. Ironic because his life and his tenth play marked the end of his 20th century decade by decade depiction of the state of African American life in America. Radio Golf is directed by Anthony Bean. Performances take place September 19-21, 26-28

With Radio Golf Wilson’s lifework comes full circle as Aunt Ester’s onetime home at 1839 Wylie Avenue (the setting of the cycle’s first play) is slated for demolition to make way for a slick new real estate venture aimed to boost both the depressed Hill District and Harmond Wilk’s (played by Wilbert L.Williams Jr.) chance of becoming the city’s first black mayor. Harmond questions the obliteration of the past. But, there is no such question in his business partner’s mind. Roosevelt Hicks (played by Donald Lewis Jr.) is a vice-president in a local bank and he is primarily motivated by the money to be made. That is why he plays golf with white business men. Unsurprisingly, Wilks and Hicks become embroiled in deep conflict.

Harmond Wilks---Wilbert L. Williams Jr.
Mame Wilks---Gwendolyne Foxworth
Roodevelt Hicks___Donald Lewis Jr.
Sterling Johnson---Lionel J. Jackson
Elder Joseph Barlow---Harold X. Evans

Wilbert L. Williams Jr. Gwendolyne Foxworth