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ABCT and NORDC present the Summer Youth Arts Camp - June 1 - August 2 None

A 9 weeks summer camp for children as well as teenagers ages 7-17 years old.

This summers production will be the world premiere of 'The Glove'
Ronald wants to have a birthday party themed after his idol - Michael Jackson. His mom takes him to a sale of Michael Jackson memorabilia to buy items for his party. He sees a glove that seems to call out to him. At the party Ronald and his friends try on the glove. Something happens. They break into MJ songs with talents they never knew they possessed.

Don't cause your kid to be left out! Enroll your child today in the ABCT/NORDC Theater Summer Camp. Camp starts June 1 - August 2 Call: 862-PLAY for Enrollment Or visit our website visit 1333 So. Carrollton Ave (Corner of Willow St.)

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Michelle Briscoe-Long 504-862-7529


ABCT Introduces African American Youth to Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" Directed by Frederick Mead

In celebration of our 15th season and a recent Community Arts Award, Anthony Bean Community Theater (the only ongoing African American theater producing company in New Orleans) presents our first-ever Shakespeare play, "Measure for Measure" from

March 6 to 22. Under the direction of Frederick Mead, "Measure for Measure" features a racially-diverse cast that includes stage veteran Adella Gautier (as elder statesman, Escalus), up-and-coming TV and stage actor Martin "Bats" Bradford (as the Duke of Vienna), and ingénue Christy Williams (as Isabella). Frederick Mead himself appears in the delightfully comic role of Lucio.

Other members of the cast include: DC PauL (as Claudio), Marie Becnel (as Angelo, the Deputy), Tracy Norwood (as Mistress Overdone and Sister Francisca), Nike Di Bauchery (as Pompey, the Clown), Matthew Rigdon (as Froth the Fop and Abhorson the Executioner), Karel Sloane-Boekbinder (as the Provost), James Patrick (as Barnardine, the prisoner), Clara Masako Fernandez (as Juliet and Mariana), Sam Ryan (as Constable Elbow), and Frederick Mead (as Lucio, a fantastic)

The creative team includes: Dane Rhodes (scenic), Vic Woodward (scenic and lighting), Ms. B

(costumes), Staci Tolliver, stage manager.

 Showtime and performances are March 6 - 22. Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm, & Sunday matinee at 3:00 pm. Tickets are $20.00 for adults, $18.00 for students and seniors, and are available by calling the Box Office at (504) 862-7529. (Box Office hours are Thursday - Saturday, 6pm - 8pm and two hours before performances.) You can also charge by phone or on line at

With "Measure for Measure", ABCT introduces Shakespeare to a new generation of African American youth and adults. Our audience has never seen Shakespeare on this stage (and some perhaps never at all.) We have chosen this play because its themes of social justice, abuse of governmental power, and the need for genuine spirituality are timely topics that will speak clearly and resonate with the experiences of many African Americans in our audience.

 To help decode the lofty Elizabethan language and to clarify the play's themes, Director Frederick Mead has chosen 2 unique devices. First, the costumes are drawn from the whole of Western culture, such as the Golden Age of Hollywood, opera, and the Bible. These iconic "types" will help our audiences understand-on sight-what each character means in the context of the play. For example, Mistress

Overdone (who owns brothels) is costumed as Mae West. The costumes are clever, instructive, and will be a topic of much conversation afterwards.

The second device is to film Act 5, the final act. The Duke of Vienna (played by Martin "Bats" Bradford") is an old-time movie director (a la Otto Preminger) who moves behind the scenes, filming other actors and pushing the plot forward. Act 5 is the movie the Duke has made. A screen will descend, and the audience will watch the Duke's movie as the conclusion of the play.

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Michelle Briscoe-Long 504-862-7529


ABCT is proud to announce AUDITIONS for THE COLOR PURPLE None

Directed by Anthony Bean
February 7, Saturday @ 1pm for Adults
February 7, Saturday @ 4pm for Children's Roles
Callbacks: February 11, Wednesday @ 6pm
The show runs May 22 - June 14, 2015

Please prepare one gospel, blues, or traditional jazz song. Bring your sheet music, an accompanist will be provided. You may sing acapella or with a track with no vocal. We will also be reading from the script and there will be a small dance routine.

Rehearsals for the first month will only be held approximately two days per week with a possible Saturday morning rehearsal. Not everyone will be called every day. Looking for approximately 16-20 people.

Cast of Characters


Insecure yet spirited, appears meek and timid but has a tough interior. She's been told she is ugly and thinks so but has a sense of humor. There is much behind her eyes. Treated poorly for many years, she finds the love and confidence to become an independent thinker. The role's vocals need a strong, passionate, belt. Alto.


Real name is Albert. An outwardly attractive, dominant male presence, disrespectful, demanding and abusive of people in his life. Marries Celie, out of necessity and mistreats her. His true feelings are for Shug. He realizes his errors and tries to make amends. Strong baritone vocalist with power.


A well-known singer. Very charismatic; a sexy, confident and powerful female presence, irresistible to all. Loved by and comforting to both Celie and Mister. The role needs a dynamic Bessie Smith - style, bluesy singing voice. Alto.

Powerful, humorous, independent warrior woman. Physically larger with a presence to match. Comfortable and confident in her own skin, uses her sexuality. Married to Harpo, she will not accept mistreatment. Strong belt. Alto.


Mister's vulnerable, good-natured son who marries Sofia; torn between what he learned from his father and what he is learning from Sofia. Learns to treat women well and becomes successful with his business. Strong tenor.


An adventuresome, spunky and educated young woman; she has a strong, unbreakable bond with her older sister, Celie. Separated from Celie by Mister, she finds a new life and calling in Africa. Strong belt.


Harpo's girl after Sofia leaves and until she returns. Spunky, fun and sassy, opinionated and not easily intimidated, strong belt and soprano capability. Vocally unique - she's not called 'Sqeak' for nothing.


Mister's father, owner of the farm and house that Mister works and lives on with Celie and his children. He is an irritable, nasty, self-centered man, verbally abusive towards his son, telling him what is right. Strong actor who sings; doubles as the Preacher.


Big, strong personalities and presences - character women who are the busybodies of the town. They see everything and comment on everything. All different types and ages being considered. Strong singers with comedic flair. *Must be strong at holding solo line harmonies in 3 parts. These characters are often always singing together in 3-part harmony or singing solo and ad lib/riff lines throughout the show.


Four young performers who can play ages 8-14. Two girls for Young Celie & Young Nettie, 1 Ensemble girl who will play Young Olivia & 1 Ensemble boy for Young Adam.


Men and women - all vocal types, strong singing voices and personalities to play many ensemble roles.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anthony Bean, Artistic Director at or call (504) 862-PLAY (7529) for an appointment.

You don't want to miss being part of this exciting Community Theater Premiere at ABCT.

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For Media Information, Contact:
Box Office at (504) 862-7529


'Say Amen' has been taking out of this seasons linup. None

Say Amen has been taken out of the season linup and we will begin our season with 'Measure For Measure'. At ABCT the show must go on and does.