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Check back here for registration dates for ABCT/NORD Summer Youth Camp, Ages 8-17.

ABCT Summer Program is more than a Camp...It's Culture! 8-Week Summer Theater Program Call: 862-PLAY

ABCT Summer Youth Theater Camp ABCT Summer Program Is More Than a Camp, It's Culture .

Summer Theater Program for youngsters, ages 8-17, includes acting classes/workshop, guest lectures and guest performances and culminates in the production.

...more than a training ground for the arts; it is a safe and nurturing environment where community is emphasized, friendship valued and personal growth celebrated. ...the ideal place for children to learn about the arts and develop creative skills, as they discover more about themselves and their world. ABCT Summer Camp is a collaborative effort with the New Orleans Recreation Department, founded to help children 8-17 years old expand their cultural boundaries and outlook.

Camp is designed for a full day theater experience. No previous theater experience is required. The session will last for 8 weeks. Lunch will be provided on site. Your child will enjoy a 8 weeks of special art activities and high-quality, hands-on workshops including:

Theatre - play-writing, performance, production, costuming, lighting and set building.

On Friday of each week, we stage a talent show/performance, in which your child will showcase his/her creativity and imagination.


ABCT Summer Camp' primary objectives are to teach each child:


Civic service

Cultural values

The importance of culture

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